Vacation Alternative Colorado

Alternative Colorado, LLC.



Landsailing, lake sailing, horse stay, shooting, horse-riding, bird watching, photography, heritage & cycle tours, BBQs, sweat lodge. Stay, meal & activity options; single or multi day packages. SE Colorado outdoor. Local guides & instructors. Outdoor recreation.


Mission statement:

Alternative Colorado LLC  has been formed to promote Crowley County as an interesting and enjoyable tourist destination; sharing it's history, it's present, and future vision. Locals give glimpses into their current rural America lifestyles.  


         Activities and prices 2016 examples :

Sailing( 4 hour sessions ) 

Accommodation ( ranch stay, guesthouse, backpackers) & meals option

Horse riding ( 4 hours ) & lasso and calf rope tying lessons              

AM cycle tour to feedlot, BBQ  ( 3 hours ) 

PM cycle tour to Heritage Center  ( 4 hours )

AM lakes cycle tour, lunch Sugar City cafe

PM featured speakers, evening basketball league.                        

PM shooting ( 2 hours ) lessons at the local range                                                            

full week: accommodation, 3 meals, snacks, pickup/ drop-off and all activities included.

Group rates available                                                   

Free optional activities :  gym access, photography, local history chats, Wed. basketball league, tennis, cemetery tours, birdwatching, 

Seasonal:  rodeo, branding, high school sports, Crowley County Days, roping.


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