by the Previous Mayor of Ordway, Nancy Moore

Welcome to Ordway! Ever wish you could live where you could walk or ride your bike to the grocery store and the drug store; have your choice of places to eat; find what you need at the local lumber yard; meet your neighbors at the post office; watch a school activity? The list goes on and on. In Ordway, the living is easy; the climate is the best in the state; the people are friendly. Churches are welcoming. It is a great place to live, and it is an exceptional opportunity for people who no longer have to live in the big cities. There are many recreational, cultural and social experiences in town or nearby. Ordway is the county seat and the location of the Crowley County High School, Ward Middle School, the Crowley County Elementary School and an excellent new library. A new County Courthouse and newly remodeled Justice Center are located here. There is also an excellent nursing home in Ordway. We have wide streets lined by shade trees. The City picks up our leaves and grass. Trash pickup is provided once each week. How great is that?!

Crowley County Days takes place in shady Conestoga Park in the center of town always during the last week of July. If you want to enjoy a treat and a little bit of "good old Americana", come visit us then and enjoy the parade and roast beef feed on Saturday. This is rural Colorado at its best. It’s also a great opportunity to look the town over. We think you will find this is a very special place not only to visit but also to live! Retirees are discovering Ordway. If you don’t have to endure the pressures of the big cities, you should check us out.


Town of Ordway


315 Main St.

Ordway, CO 81063