Water Plan Technical Analysis

Beginning in December 2018, the CWCB will be releasing a number of tools and data sets leading up to the release of the full Water Plan technical analysis (known as SWSI) in July 2019.

You can find those items posted HERE thoughout 2019!

The ongoing Statewide Water Supply Initiative (SWSI) update will serve two primary purposes:

  • Provide a consistent statewide framework for examining future water supply and demand under different scenarios 
  • Provide tools and data for Basin Roundtables to use in updating their Basin Implementation Plans (BIPs) and developing detailed local solutions to identified gaps.

Since this is the first time that SWSI is completed in the context of Colorado’s Water Plan (CWP) and the Basin Implementation Plans (BIP), this SWSI update will be different from previous versions.  SWSI 2010 was a relatively straightforward update of the original SWSI 2004 analysis, and did not focus on methodology refinement.  In addition to complementing CWP and the BIPS, this SWSI update will also include a number of new approaches and additions, such as quantifying a scenario planning approach, providing a more detailed and scientifically rigorous hydrologic modeling approach, and addressing agricultural, environmental, and recreational gaps.