Costing Tool - Beta Version Live
Figuring out exact costs on a water project isn’t always easy to do if the project is conceptual or yet to find full support. However, having some reasonable cost estimate can be helpful to project planning. The Cost Estimating Tool (now in beta form) was developed to help provide a starting point. The Quick Reference Guide and draft Appendix User Guide Manual are resources to guide your use of this new tool. In June 2019, CWCB hosted a tech webinar to review the Costing Tool which can also be used as a guide. If you choose to beta test the tool, please consider sharing your questions and feedback on this form.

Download the tool    


Innovation & Communication Tools
CWCB staff have begun to scope creative efforts to communicate the Water Plan Technical Analysis results in a more accessible, engaging manner for a wider range of audiences. Exploratory efforts include this study and project