The Colorado Association of Regional Organizations (CARO) was organized in 2008 among interested regional organizations throughout Colorado's 14 planning and management regions. The statewide association assists the regional organizations in strengthening their capabilities to serve their local government members; provides a forum for the regular exchange of information and ideas; educates other governmental entiies, public and private organizations, and the general public about the services and functions of regional organizations; and represents the organizations before both state and federal agencies and legislative bodies. Each regional organization pays membership dues to participate. CARO membership is open to any regional organization including councils of governments, metropolitan planning organizations, and economic development districts. 

Councils of Government (COGs) are voluntary associations of local governments formed under Colorado law. Councils of government serve as a forum for local governments to identify regional issues and opportunites, develop strategies, and provide a more consolodiated system to provide oversight of various regional programs. Regional services offered by councils of governments are varied. Servcies are undertaken in cooperation with member governments, the private sector, and state and federal partners. The matrix to the left provides a snapshot of some of the programs and services offered by regional organizations in each of the 14 regions in Colorado. 

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