Resolution 01-2019   Resolution of the Board of Directors of the Colorado City Metropolitan Distict, Colorado City, Colorado, Designating Posting Places with the District and County for Public Notice of Meetings of the Board of Directors

Resolution 02-2019   Resolution Establishing Signatures on a Bank Account 

Resolution 03-2019    Resolution to Amend the Bylaws of the District Regarding Regular Meetings, to Set the Meeting Dates for 2019, and to Approve Director Compensation for Meetings

Resolution 04-2019    Resolution to Adopt an Expedited Road Construction Permit Fee and to Direct the District Manager and Staff to Develop New Road Standards and Policies

Resolution 05-2019    Resolution Appointing Directors of Colorado City Architectural Control Committee, Inc. 

Resolution 06-2019    Resolution to Become a Participant in Colorado Surplus Asset Fund Trust 

Resolution 07-2019    Resolution Authorizing Equipment Lease/Purchase Agreement with NBH Bank and Authorizing the Form, Execution, and Delivery of the Lease/Purchase Agreement and Related Documents

Resolution 08-2019    Resolution Accepting and Confirming Roads That Will Be Maintained by Colorado City Metropolitan District

Resolution 09-2019    Resolution Amending Rules and Regulations Regarding Use of Cistern and/or Septic Systems and Settng Related Fee

Resolution 10-2019    Resolution Designating the District's Website as Location for Posting Notice of Regular and Special Meetings of the Board of Directors of Colorado City Metropolitan District

Resolution 11-2019    Resolution Adopting Amended Bylaws