Resolution  01-2018      Designating Posting Places within the District and County for Public Notice of Meetings of the Board of Directors

Resolution  02-2018      Adopting Rules and Regulations Regarding the Collection, Administration and Enforcement of the District's Retail Marijuana Excise Tax

Resolution  03-2018      Resolution to Participate in the May 2018 Election

Resolution 04-2018       Resolution Establishing Signatures on a Bank Account

Resolution 05-2018       Resolution of Appreciation for the Friends of Hollydot

Resolution 06-2018       Resolution Regarding Fire Hydrant Testing and Repairs

Resolution 07-2018       Resolution Establishing Signatures on a Bank Account

Resolution 08-2018       Resolution for Certifying Accounts to the County Treasurer

Resolution 09-2018       Resolution to Transfer Excise Tax Funds From the General Fund to the Water and Sewer Enterprises

Resolution 10-2018       Resolution Adopting Changes to the Colorado City Metropolitan District's Personnel Policy Manual

Resolution 11-2018       Resolution to Implement a Data Protection Policy

Resolution 12-2018       Resolution to Terminate the 401(k) Plan Contract with John Hancock and Lord Abbett (Contract Number 115090 and Plan #80010177) Effective December 31, 2018

Resolution 13-2018       Resolution Summarizing Expenditures and Revenues for Each Fund and Adopting a Budget for the Colorado City Metropolitan District, Colorado City, Colorado, for Calendar Year Beginning on January 1, 2019 and Ending on December 31, 2019

Resolution 14-2018      Resolution to Appropriate Sums of Money

Resolution 15-2018      Resolution Amending Certain Rate and Fee Schedules Contained in Resolution No. 1-2000, Adopted 8 February, 2000 and Resolution 11-2017, Adopted on 12 December, 2017

Resolution 16-2018      Resolution to Set Mill Levies

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