The Commission comprises 12 members and five ex-officio members as originated by SB 14-187 [pdf]. The Commission was created to comprehensively study the major and fundamental drivers of health care costs and make recommendation to ensure all Coloradans can access affordable and high-quality health care. The Commission’s work will build not only on Colorado’s past successes, but also encourage private sector initiatives to control health care costs and improve the quality of health care in Colorado.

Advisory Committees

Advisory committees may be formed to focus on specific subject matters and make recommendations concerning specific areas or topics. Such committees will be developed with clear objectives. Members from the Commission shall be appointed by the Chair with input from the chair of the appropriate standing committee based on experience, expertise and interest. The Chair of Commission will appoint the chair of the advisory committee, who must be a member of the Commission. The chair of the advisory committee shall select interested members of the community who are not members of the Commission to serve on the advisory committee, if it focuses on specific subject matters and is convened for the purpose of making a recommendation to the Commission. When appointing non-commission members to an advisory committee, the chair of the advisory committee shall ensure representation from broad and diverse interests. Once the advisory committee has accomplished its specific objective, it would be disbanded.