HB15-1083-PT CoPay Report 10.30.15

The Colorado Commission on Affordable Health Care is working to study the problem of rising health spending on families, businesses, and public agencies. An important facet of this work is the cost of physical rehabilitation services — which includes physical therapy, chiropractor services, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. The Colorado General Assembly acknowledged this earlier this year when it passed House Bill 15-1083 and charged the Commission with exploring this issue. Our Commission was charged with the responsibility of conducting a study of the impact of copayments on the availability of rehabilitative services. 

This study, prepared by Milliman, Inc., for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and on behalf of the Commission, lays out a clear analysis of this issue and snapshot of the costs associated with physical rehabilitation services. This study does not include recommendations; however, the study and the data contained therein will inform the General Assembly on the subject of the impact of insurance copayments on the availability of rehabilitation.

Our Commission is still in the process of digesting this information.  We will be continuing discussions on this issue and will keep you apprised of those discussions.  We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have.