Commission Report Lays Out Challenges Colorado Faces on Rising Health Care Costs, Spending

DENVER — The Colorado Commission on Affordable Health Care issued its first annual report to the General Assembly and Governor’s Office outlining the challenges the Centennial State faces on health care spending and the primary drivers of rising health costs. The report — the result of more than a year’s worth of outreach, research, and expert testimony — is a landmark, nonpartisan, and comprehensive study of the drivers of health costs in Colorado.


“Despite the progress Colorado and our nation have made improving the accessibility and quality of health care, we still face daunting challenges due to the rising cost of health care. This comprehensive, nonpartisan report surveys Colorado’s health care landscape and lays out the primary drivers of these cost increases,” said Bill Lindsay, chairman of the Colorado Commission on Affordable Health Care. “We still have work to do, but this report is a strong foundation for the Commission and state policymakers to have a frank discussion about reducing health care costs.”


The Commission, created through Senate Bill 14-187, is working to study the health care costs in Colorado. The Commission, comprised of health care experts, regional representatives, and other stakeholders, is working to develop a series of recommendations due to the General Assembly and Governor’s Office at the close of the 2016 fiscal year.