Review the repository of documents related to the Colorado Commission on Affordable Health Care. 

Information includes:

Presentations and Reports

Draft recommendations, CHI: Prescription Drugs

Value of Prevention and Whole Community Health, CALPHO presentation, July 2016

Bundled Payments, Peter Hussey, RAND, June 2016 

Recommendations from the Colorado Children's Campaign 

One pagers, draft recommendations, CHI:

Curing the Healthcare Headache, Foundation for Government Accountability, May 2016 

One pagers, draft recommendations, CHI:

Rural Health Care Access and Affordability, May 2016

Cost Commission Data Requests, CIVHC, May 2016

Population Health Tiers: Local Public Health Opportunities, Larry Wolk, CDPHE

Reducing Health Care Expenditures by Investing Early, Colorado Childrens Campaign, April 2016

Deep Dive into Payment and Delivery Reform, CHI, April 2016

Bridges to Care, March 2016

Social Determinants Presentation, Dorothy Perry, March 2016

Transparency Policy Deep Dive, CHI, March 2016

PCPCC Evidence Report, Jeff Cain, March 2016

State Approaches to Addressing the Effects of Provider Consolidation and Market Power, Bob Berenson, MD, February 2016

MD All Payer Pilot - A status report, Carmela Coyle, Maryland Hospital Association

Get PT First – A value based approach to modernizing healthcare in Colorado, Cameron MacDonald, PT, DPT, President, American Physical Therapy Association / Colorado Chapter

CAHP/ AHIP presentation, February 2016

SIM Update, Vatsala Pathy, State of Colorado

Commission SMART presentation to the Joint Committees on Health, January 2016

The Conversation, Dr. Volandes, December 2015

Colorado Castlight, December 2015

Colorado Health Care Bluebook, December 2015

Rhode Island Affordability Standards, CAFP December 2015

NCSL Work on Cost Containment, December 2015

Spiraling Drug Costs: What States Can Do, L.Nichols, December 2015

JBC responses, November 27, 2015

Milliman Report, Submitted to the Legislature, October 31, 2015

Commission Payment and Delivery Reform (Part II), October 2015

Commission Payment and Delivery Reform, October 2015

Commission Workforce Presentation, September 2015

Office of Primary Care, Primary Care Workforce Development Plan, September 2015

Linda Gorman, Transparency Recommendations, September 2015

CIVHC, All Payer Claims Database - Data to identify variation and inform change, August 2015

CHI and Research Committee, Transparency, August 2015

Research Committee Roadmap, July 2015

Spending Analysis and Data, July 2015

Achieving Value in Medicaid, July 2015

Colorado Division of Insurance, DOI Cost Commission and Rates, June 2015

CIVHC, Cost Containment Efforts in Colorado, May 2015

State Innovation Model, Colorado SIM Efforts, May 2015

Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment, Population Health Strategy, May 2015

CHI, Spending Analysis by Service Area, April 2015

Colorado Health Institute (CHI) presentation, Drivers of Price, Quantity and Costs, April 2015



Scope of work

Graphic of filters for the focus of the work of the Commission

Topics for discussion

Outline for 2015 Legislative Report

Budget, July 2015

Formation Committees

Information related to committees tasked with creating the initial Commission infrastructure and background.

Research Committee

Previous Meeting Information

Planning Committee

Previous Meeting Information

Communications Committee

Previous Meeting Information