Created through bipartisan legislation, SB 14-187, sponsored by Senators Irene Aguilar, D-Denver, and Ellen Roberts, R-Durango, the commission's three-year mission is to analyze health care costs and make policy recommendations to the Legislature and the governor for lowering health care costs in the state.

Timeline & Work

  • The Colorado Commission on Affordable Health Care held its first meeting in October 2014 and has been hard at work since confronting the rising cost of health care in Colorado, studying the challenges these ballooning costs could pose to hardworking families and the state itself, and exploring possible solutions.
  • The commission is currently holding regular commission and has defined cost and priorities for recommendations (actionable, measurable, impacts public systems and private markets, and drivers of absolute cost/ rates of cost).
  • By the end of the 2015-2016 state fiscal year, the commission will have reviewed data related to cost, identified paths for further work, engaged key stakeholders.
  • The commission is comprised of a diverse and deeply knowledgeable slate of members representing every corner of Colorado.
  • The commission is expected to complete its work and submit a report to the Colorado General Assembly and Governor’s Office in late 2017.
  • That report, summarizing all of the information the commission has gathered through statewide outreach and fact-finding, will include recommendations on steps Colorado policymakers should take to reduce long-term health care costs while also improving health care quality.