Welcome to the Colorado Business EOC

Colorado Business Emergency Operations Center

BEOC Mission

The mission of the Business Emergency Operations Center (BEOC) will be to facilitate communication and operational coordination between the private sector and the State’s Emergency Operations Center during a disaster, emergency or a planned special event.  

Value Proposition

Establishing a BEOC in Colorado will create a two-way information sharing system: 

  • The Private Sector will get critical, current information needed to make decisions on employee safety and business continuity (e.g.  status of roads, water, power, etc.).
  • The Public Sector can communicate resource requests to the business network and facilitate the deployment of available business resources or capabilities to address community needs.
  • The Public Sector can request information on damage to businesses which will aid in the prioritization of lifelines restoration.

Benefits of a BEOC

  • Situational Awareness:   Through formal exchanges of information (daily sitreps, twitter, RSS feed from the government, the private sector will be able to make sound decisions related to operations, customer and employee safety and communications.
  • Better Coordination:  No matter what stage of the emergency management cycle you are in, the private sector has a piece in each segment.   Closer collaboration will support more effective planning, preparedness and response.
  • Improve Decision Making:  The more complete and accurate a picture that can be shared/created, the better decisions can be made.  Decision makers want to make informed choices based on the most up to date, relevant and accurate data.
  • Access More Resources:  When we work together, one of the key results is that we recover more quickly from emergencies.   These resources include not only the donations or paid goods/services, but also the intellectual capital that private sector executives bring in the form of strategic and business knowledge.
  • Increase Effectiveness of DHSEM Efforts:   Government efforts can be more effective if they are based on a true understanding of PS capabilities, limitations and requirements and vice versa.
  • Expand Reach:   The private sector promotes increased information sharing through their networks.