PAW Park

PAW ParkPAW’s Education Research Trail (PERT), located just west of Empire, is an accessible trail that tells the history of the wagon road over Berthoud Pass. The trail was opened on September 30, 2013.  Clear Creek Metropolitan Recreation District maintains the park.

PAW began as Physically-challenged Access to the Woods in 1988 with a partnership between the White River National Forest and Vail-Eagle Valley Rotary. The name was changed to Partners for Access to the Woods to show that it represented persons of all disabilities as well as to indicate that it was through PAW’s partners that its mission was accomplished. PAW was invited to serve on the committee that wrote the Architectural Barriers Act (ADA) Accessibility Guidelines for Outdoor Developed Areas, which included trails, campgrounds, and other recreation sites.  A partnership with the Colorado Department of Wildlife produced two textbooks on accessible outdoor facilities and programs. PAW was a partner with the U. S. Forest Service for the trails found at Yeoman Campground (outside of Eagle, Colorado) and the Mt. of the Holy Cross (on Shrine Pass on Vail Pass). PAW’s Anansi Chapter with the U. S. Forest Service built the Big Al Trail (outside of Dolores, Colorado). PAW designed with students from the Colorado School of Mines, a research trail with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado at the Easter Seals Camp outside of Empire, Colorado. One of the most fun partnerships was mentoring students on projects based on “universal design” at the Colorado School of Mines (over 14 years) and the University of Colorado. The Berthoud Pass Archaeological Survey, that this auto tour is based on, was done with many hours of work from the students from the Colorado School of Mines

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