We've Updated Our Website!

The City of Yuma spent many years without any semblance of an online presence. In 2013, we bravely joined the internet and social media revolution by introducing a website, and a Facebook page. The goal was to make the City of Yuma more accessible and visible to a growing number of citizens who get their information online. 

That was a good starting place, and the website and social media proved they were a helpful tool for both the City, and the people of Yuma. After a few years however, it became clear the website had become a little bit antiquated, and left some things to be desired. 

In early 2018, the City sought the expertise of a local website developer named Lonnie Metzler. The City applied for a SIPA (Statewide Internet Portal Authority) Grant through Colorado.gov, and was awarded the grant shortly thereafter. The City began work with Ms. Metzler to improve the looks and functionality of www.yumacolo.org.

Now, the City is happy to introduce its new and improved website. The goal remains the same: to provide a helpful link between the City of Yuma, and the people of Yuma. The website remains a great resource for printing forms, finding schedules, learning about City operations, and meeting our staff. 

Many people worked very hard to make this new website happen. In addition to the updated website (www.yumacolo.org), the City continues to provide information via social media. The City is very active on Facebook (City of Yuma Colorado), and has begun posting on Instagram (@cityofyumacolorado), and Twitter (@yuma_colorado). If you’re on these platforms as well, the City encourages you to find us and tag us on your social media, using the hashtag #YumaCOJoinUs.