Fall Leaves

There are few things more exciting than the changing of seasons in Yuma, Colorado. For many of us, the most anticipated season every year is fall – and all that comes with it. Of course, in a town like Yuma, which is full of beautiful trees, fall also means it’s time for leaves to start changing color and falling!

If you live in Yuma, there’s a good chance that sooner or later, you’ll have a good amount of leaves in your yard! We’d like to remind everyone about our current leaf policy, and offer some advice for how to handle the falling leaves in your yard.

 If the amount of leaves in your yard is manageable, using your mower to simply mulch the leaves is an option that is not only easier on your back, but it’s also good for your lawn. As leaves decompose, they provide important nutrients for your grass, and can also impede weed growth. Mulched leaves can also be beneficial in gardens, and around trees and shrubs.

If you choose to remove the leaves from your lawn by raking or any other method, please do not put the leaves in the street. Leaves should be treated just like any other yard waste, such as grass. The large green containers in alleys throughout town are there for yard waste. The City will continue to dump those containers as needed throughout the fall.  

The yard waste that the city collects is used as compost, in an effort to reduce the amount of trash taken to the landfill. For this reason, we would like to stress the importance of keeping trash out of the green yard waste bins – including lawn and leaf bags. If you wish to keep your leaves in a bag, then they ought to be considered trash, and placed in your black garbage container for regular pickup.

To recap, please remember these two points: keep your leaves off of the street, and keep your trash out of the grass and leaf bin. As always, thank you for all of your efforts to help upkeep Yuma clean and safe! Happy Fall, everyone!