Delay in Payment Information

From the City of Yuma

March 23, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Yuma has instituted a policy addressing utility services for residential and small business customers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The City of Yuma developed this policy late last week in response to City Council direction from the regular council meeting held on  March 17th.  Governor Polis issued Executive Order D 2020 012 on March 20,2020 directing, among other things, Public Utility Disconnection rules for those affected by the impacts of COVID-19.  The City of Yuma will, of course, follow these directives to assist all of our customers in coping with the pandemic.

The City is making available online, a request form which can be filled out and returned electronically or mailed to Yuma City Hall at City of Yuma, 320 South Main, Yuma, CO  80759. For those customers without online access, a request for the form may be submitted by phone and one will be mailed. Once the City has this form in hand, we will review and make a decision as to whether the requesting party has met the requirements for a delay in payment of utility services.

All of us at the City of Yuma will continue to provide all the assistance and information we can to the public during these difficult times. 



Scott Moore
City Manager

Click here for the Delay Payment Form