City of Yuma Council Meeting-March 17, 2020


March 17, 2020

For Immediate Release

Building on best practices and official health recommendations from CDC, the World Health Organization and the Northeast Colorado Health Department, the City of Yuma continues the process of developing a Coronavirus-Response Plan. This work is done collaboratively with city staff as well as district representatives representing health facilities and safety/security, to ensure that residents of the City of Yuma continue to receive the essential day to day functions in the city such as water, sanitation, electricity, police, EMS, and fire. 

Large events and mass gatherings can contribute to the spread of COVID-19. The City of Yuma is following the guidance of CDC to protect the health of our community.  Currently, city staff is taking steps to provide the residents of Yuma access to city hall remotely.  Our first step will be live video conferencing of City Council meetings. The City of Yuma encourages residents to use this platform instead of attending the meeting in person scheduled for this evening.  Please note that tonight’s meeting has not been closed to the public, you may still attend.

You will be able to type in questions for City Council during the Citizens Recognition and Introduction/Public Comment on this platform. You will be required to follow the Public Participation Meeting policy:




  • Public comment is encouraged and will be listed as an agenda item at every regular Council meeting.  This policy shall also apply to all public hearings.
  • Each individual wishing to be heard during the public comment period will be given up to three (3) minutes to make a comment.
  • The public comment period will not be used to make political endorsements or for political campaign purposes.
  • Questions from the Council will be for clarification purposes only. Public comment will not be used as a time for problem solving or reacting to comments made but, rather, for listening to the comments of citizens without taking any formal action.
  • The Council may direct the City Manager or other City staff to provide information requested by a speaker but such response shall be requested during the public comment period.
  • Speakers are not allowed to make belligerent, accusatory, impertinent, slanderous, threatening, abusive, or disparaging comments.
  • The Mayor may elect to defer public comment on a specific issue that appears on the regular agenda until that specific item is addressed.
  • The Mayor may call for order when sidebar conversations occur in the audience. Those conversations are distracting from the Council addressing the topics at hand.
  • Members of the public who do not follow proper conduct after a warning in a public meeting may be barred from further participation at that meeting or removed from the City Council Chambers pursuant to the Colorado Revised Statutes.

Below you will find the link for tonight’s agenda, the link to attend the ZOOM meeting, and if you are not familiar with ZOOM, instructions for using ZOOM. 

  • Click on this link for the agenda.
  • Click on this link to join the council meeting. 
  • New to ZOOM?  Click on this link for instructions.