Mission Accomplished

I have an LPR success story which just happened on 10/10/17 at the Super target in Arvada.

An attempted armed robbery occurred at an ATM in the Target parking lot. Luckily it was observed by an off duty Thornton Officer. The Thornton Officer was able to provide our dispatch with a licensee plate of the vehicle and suspects descriptions.

Case Det Buemi ran the plate through Lumen and received several LPR hits out of Wheat Ridge and Arvada regarding the suspect's plate. The last LPR hit was out of Wheat Ridge on 10/09/17. Based on the Wheat Ridge LPR hit we responded to the location and set up surveillance. Although the vehicle was not there when we arrived on scene it pulled in as we were re-checking the lot lot.

After confirming the plate was and vehicle matched the information provided by the Thornton Officer, we were able to identify the driver and subsequently the passenger who confessed to the attempted armed robbery. All of this happened within 1 hr of the attempted robbery and locating the LPR alert.

This is a great example of the sharing of LPR data in an accessible database.

William Johnson

On February 16th, Trinidad PD officers asked for assistance from the Brighton PD regarding a homicide investigation. They sought the girlfriend of the arrested suspect as an accomplice to the crime. The only information available was the woman’s first name, the color and make of her car, and that she lived in Brighton. In-house records revealed nothing. Brighton PD Detective Arehart obtained the suspect’s name and began searching the CISC database with Numerica’s Lumen crime analysis product. Within 17 minutes, Detective Arehart had the full, correct name and address of the girlfriend along with other identifying data. The Detective also found another possible accomplice (along with all their information) and complete information on the suspect as well. The team at Trinidad PD was impressed with the professionalism of the Brighton staff, with Lumen, and with the very helpful, speedy response and accuracy of the CISC-shared data!

Trinidad PD

Brighton Police Department

So the robbery at Sonic?... Acker did a composite sketch of the suspect?... and due to Lumen, I was able to match the suspect via mugshots in Lumen… to the same suspect an officer contacted the next day and also that he has history of marijuana usage in South Denver… Wouldn’t have been able to do that without Lumen…

Gail Ashley Brighton PD Crime Analyst

I wanted to tell you that I love Lumen. I’ve solved my 3rd Hit and Run Crash tonight that had been open for a while. I decided to use Lumen again and BAM!!! The information from my suspect popped up with a phone number and matching address. I called her and she admitted to the crash. I freaking love Lumen. I used CopLink a lot but this Lumen is so flipping awesome!!!

Cpl. N. Struck Crash Investigator/Patrol

See Criminal Mischief 17-39394. Road rage case. Suspect vehicle listed to Blackhawk, CO. Owner had multiple mugshots in LUMEN. There were issues with making the photo lineup, but once I finally manipulated the system enough (it didn’t want to give me the most recent mugshot but I found a workaround), I was able to make a photo lineup where the victim identified the suspect.

It also listed 3 potential phone numbers for the suspect. The first 2 were disconnected, but the 3rd was my suspect.

Officer Richard W. Hunt

(Recently) I was unable to get a record back for the victim who had provided a fake name. The SSN he gave was to a dead man out of New Mexico. I spent approximately two hours searching through iLeads and public records databases available to me. I was unable to determine the males true identity. Detective Feik heard of my plight and offered to search Lumen for me. I do not currently have access nor am trained on Lumen.

Detective Feik had identified my victim within about five minutes. I was shocked and very thankful for the powerful search powers of Lumen.


Detective Sarah Poellot

NC Fugitive located with help from LInX and Denver, CO Police Department

Crime Type: Assault

While working a fugitive investigation, a phone number connected to the fugitive was developed. Through LInX and data provided by Denver, Colorado Police Department, the subscriber of the number was identified. This information ultimately lead to an address where the fugitive was taken into custody.

Linx Identifies Suspects and House wher a Stolen gun and heroin were later located

A Maryland Police Department used the Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) to identify an occupant of house after a loud music complaint at the address. The suspect turned out to be a wanted and known drug dealer. Further investigation and a subsequent search and seizure at the house yielded over three kilograms of heroin, a stolen handgun, and resulted in seven arrests. The agency reported that their own data in LInX was used in this case.

A Virgina Police Police Department Finds Identifying Information for a suspect in Linx

A Virginia Police Department reported that the Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) was helpful to them by enabling them to find the birth date of a suspect in one of their cases.

Linx identifies a robbery suspect by searing only a first name and street

While investigating an armed robbery in October 2017, a Maryland Police Department received a tip from an anonymous citizen. The citizen advised he thought the suspect from the robbery was named William and that he lived on a specific street in a nearby city. Detectives conducted checks in the Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) and discovered the suspect's full name and address, which corroborated the citizen's information. Detectives were ultimately able to charge the suspect with three separate multi-jurisdictional robberies based on the confirmation of information found in LInX.

A Mayland police department finds a phone number on a CAD Record which helps the SAO locate a witness

The Law Enforcement Information Exchange was helpful to a Maryland Police Department while helping the State's Attorney Office (SAO) to locate a witness to a domestic assault that occurred over 1 year ago. Police used the Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) to find a phone number associated with the witness, through an automated dispatch record where the only thing provided to dispatch was a first name and phone number. LInX further helped them obtain all of the witness contact information so she could be reached to testify in Circuit Court.

A Maryland Police Department identifies a burglary suspect by a search in LInX

A Maryland Police Department was able to identify a burglary suspect by searching a nickname in the Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX). Data from a nearby County's Police Department was helpful in this case.

LInX Helps a Maryland police department identify a theft suspect so charges could be obtained

A Maryland Police Department reported that data from two other Maryland Police Agencies in the Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) were helpful to them in fully identifying a theft suspect. Criminal charges were obtained for the suspect this week.

A Texas police department uses Linx to arrist another fusion center on a meth chase

In assisting another Fusion Center with a case on a meth distributor, a Texas Police Department was given addresses of possible "stash" locations. They were able to ID the persons from records in the Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX). They noted that data from various agencies within LInX Gulf Coast, as well as the FBI's National Data Exchange (NDEx) was helpful.

Linx Helps a claifornia sheriff's office identify subjects in a suicide threat/family disturbance

A California Sheriff's Office used the Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) to identify subjects related to a suicide threat/family disturbance situation. Data from another California Sheriff's Office was helpful in this case.

Robbery suspects identified after searching the suspect vehicle and description

A Maryland Police Department was investigating a June 2017 robbery where a victim was picked up at a convenience store and driven to a residential area where he was subsequently assaulted and robbed of his belongings. The video surveillance captured a silver Hyundai parked at the store where all five suspects entered. The driver was a Hispanic female captured inside store surveillance. The Detective initiated a Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) search for a silver Hyundai vehicle within the MD, DC, and VA areas. They located a traffic stop on a silver Hyundai with a young Hispanic female as the driver. They then searched the accidents database for a driver's photo and the female positively matched the female captured in the video. An arrest warrant was granted which led to the identification of the 4 other suspects.

Several weeks before that I found a car without a plate in the parking lot of a motel. Running the VIN in Lumen I found two people associated with the car, one of them had warrants. Lumen also had booking photos of this subject so I knew who I was looking for. The motel doesn’t keep good records so I didn’t get him that night, but I would have been nowhere without Lumen.

Thanks for this program it’s been nice to have on patrol.

Last night we had a suspicious 911 call of an unknown woman screaming for help. I ran the number through Lumen and found Fort Collins had a call with the number the week prior and associated it to a female. Around the same time a vehicle was located in the area belonging to this same female, connecting the dots. She ended up not being in danger but Lumen solved the puzzle quickly for us.