2018 Fall Conference CGAIT Cup Award went to Brandon Gallegos with the City of Alamosa. Congratulations!

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2017 Fall Conference CGAIT Cup Award went to Chris Neves and his team at the City of Louisville. Congratulations!

City of Louisville

Project Criteria

IT Project Leading to the Greatest Business Transformation.

Town of Louisville - The Problem

During the course of an ADG to Tyler MUNIS ERP implementation project, City of Louisville had two (2) extremely successful subcomponents of the overall ERP that went Live this past year that transformed the way the City does day-to-day business.

The Solution

City Staff moved procurement card processes from a totally manual paper process to a fully electronic paperless submittal process, including electronic statement delivery, and automated electronic workflow.

The Benefit

Enrollment also went from being a 100% manual paper process to fully automated and secure web enrollment utilizing Tyler MUNIS Employee Self Service (ESS).


Runner Up

City of Boulder - Transition to Office 365 - positive day-to-day operations shift.

Sarah Wright, City of BoulderThe Solution

Working with reps in each department, the city identified OWLS (Office 365 Workgroup Liaisons) to help train end users on new tools, leading to increased adoption. As of 9/25, there were 671,000 files in OneDrive (over 4 TB) and more than half of the city’s employees are considered “active users” of OneDrive for file storage. 

The Benefit

Leveraging document collaboration with OneDrive - staff no longer needs to email attachments to one another, thus increasing efficiency by minimizing the number of copies of a document floating around. Users feel more empowered, as they are able to restore document versions themselves, grant access to whomever they’d like, and have 1 TB of storage space for all their files.

Increased resiliency – by making people less dependent on Citrix, staff can access their files and emails from anywhere, and they are now backed up to the cloud instead of our network.

Applications are up to date and staying up to date. For the first time ever, we have the latest and greatest versions of the following:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Windows (through our Windows Enterprise agreement)
  • Adobe (through our Adobe Enterprise agreement)

The transition has gone really smoothly, and we haven’t had anything significant break or go down.