Column Headings

Political Data used for Reapportionment/Redistricting

The following is a list of the field names for the political data used in the Reapportionment Redistricting database. The data is provided at US Census block level in the dbase format.

The data has been disaggregated to the block level according to methods reviewed by the Colorado Reapportionment Commission, Leadership of the Colorado General Assembly, and the Colorado Secretary of State’s office. For the methods used to disaggregate the data please go here.

It should be noted that the voter registration for 2008 reflects the results of the November 4, 2008 General Election as reported in the Abstract of Votes Cast 2008. The data provided for minor political parties is a compilation of all votes for all minor political party candidates as reported in the Abstract of Votes Cast 2008. In some races, the minor party data may not have been reported, therefore, no minor party results are listed.

Field Name   Field Name Description
VTD                                    2 digit SOS county code and 3 digit precinct number
FIPS US Census 10 digit code
Pres08_D  2008 President Democratic 
Pres08_R 2008 President Republican  
Pres08_MP 2008 President Minor Political Party  
USSen08_D  2008 US Senate Democratic 
USSen08_R 2008 US Senate Republican
USSen08_MP 2008 US Senate Minor Political Parties 
USHse08_D 2008 US House Democratic 
USHse08_R 2008 US House Republican 
USHse08_MP 2008 US House Minor Political Parties 
Rgnt08_D 2008 Regents Democratic
Rgnt08_R 2008 Regents Republican
SBE08_D 2008 State Board of Education Democratic
SBE08_R 2008 State Board of Education Republican 
SD08_D 2008 State Senate Democratic 
SD08_R 2008 State Senate Republican
SD08_MP 2008 State Senate Minor Political Parties
HD08_D 2008 State House Democratic
HD08_R 2008 State House Republican 
HD08_MP 2008 State House Minor Political Parties
RegVtr08_D 2008 Registered Democrats Voters
RegVtr08_R 2008 Registered Republicans Voters
RegVtr08_U 2008 Registered Unaffiliated Voters
RegVtr08_MP 2008 Registered Minor Political Party Voters
ActiveVtr08 2008 Registered Voters
VotesCast08 2008 Ballots cast
Gov10_D 2010 Governor Democratic 
Gov10_R 2010 Governor Republican 
Gov10_MP 2010 Governor Minor Political Party  
USSen10_D 2010 US Senate Democratic 
USSen10_R 2010 US Senate Republican 
USSen10_MP 2010 US Senate Minor Political Parties 
USHse10_D 2010 US House Democratic
USHse10_R 2010 US House Republican
USHse10_MP 2010 US House Minor Political Parties
SOS10_D 2010 Secretary of State Democrat
SOS10_R 2010 Secretary of State Republican
SOS10_MP 2010 Secretary of State Minor Political Party
AG10_D 2010 Attorney General Democrat
AG10_R 2010 Attorney General Republican
AG10_MP 2010 Attorney General Minor Political Party
TRE10_D 2010 State Treasure Democrat
TRE10_R 2010 State Treasure Republican
TRE10_MP 2010 State Treasure Minor Political Party
Rgnt10_D 2010 Regents Democratic 
Rgnt10_R 2010 Regents Republican
Rgnt10LRG_D 2010 Regent at Large Democratic
Rgnt10LRG_R 2010 Regent at Large Republican
Rgnt10LRG_MP 2010 Regent at Large Minor Political Party 
SBE10_D 2010 State Board of Education Democratic 
SBE10_R 2010 State Board of Education Republican
SBELrg10_D 2010 at Large State Board of Education Democratic
SBELrg10_R 2010 at Large State Board of Education Republican 
SBELrg10_MP 2010 at Large State Board of Education Minor Political Party 
SD10_D 2010 State Senate Democratic
SD10_R 2010 State Senate Republican 
SD10_MP 2010 State Senate Minor Political Parties
HD10_D 2010 State House Democratic
HD10_R 2010 State House Republican 
HD10_MP 2010 State House Minor Political Parties
RegVtr10_D 2010 Registered Democrats
RegVtr10_R 2010 Registered Republicans
RegVtr10_U 2010 Registered Unaffiliated 
RegVtr10_MP 2010 Registered Minor Political Party
ActiveVtr10 2010 Registered Voters
VotesCast10 2010 Ballots cast
HD House District Number
SD Senate District Number
CD Congressional District Number
Cnty County