Water Resources Review Committee

Report to Legislative Council


Final Report



Committee Members

Representatives Senators
Jerry Sonnenberg, Chair Gail Schwartz, Vice-chair
Randy Baumgardner Greg Brophy
Keith Swerdfeger Angela Giron
Ed Vigil Mary Hodge
Roger Wilson Ellen Roberts

 Staff Contacts:
David Beaujon
Lauren Ris
(303) 866-3521




To contact committee staff, please email: WaterResources@state.co.us





2012 Committee Schedule
Meeting Information


June 14 Itinerary   10:30 a.m. Colorado Foundation for Water Education South Metro  Tour - Lone Tree
June 15 Itinerary   10:30 a.m. Colorado Foundation for Water Education South Metro Tour - Lone Tree
August 14 Agenda Summary   1:00 p.m. Steamboat Springs
August 15 - 17       Colorado Water Congress Summer Convention - Steamboat Springs
September 6 Agenda Summary 9:00 a.m. State Capitol
September 7 Agenda Summary 9:00 a.m. State Capitol
September 27 Agenda Summary 10:00 a.m. State Capitol


Reports, Issue Briefs, Presentations, and Memoranda
Date Title/Subject
 June 29, 2012 Overview of the Water Resources Review Committee
 September 4, 2012 Use of Colorado's Allocation of the Animas La Plata Project
 September 5, 2012 Final Regulations on Water Nutrients
 September 6, 2012 Support Letter for Chatfield Reallocation Project
 September 27, 2012 Letter of Opposition to Forest Service Directive
 August 14, 2012  South Platte River - History and Mechanics



Proposed Legislation
Bill Designation
Short Title
Former Bill Designation
Bill A Final Well Permit Requirements for Denver Basin Designated Basin Wells Bill 1
Bill B Promote Water Conservation in Designated Basins Bill 3
Bill C Protect Water Rights Ownership Rights Bill 5
Bill D Erroneously Located Water Diversion Points Bill 7
Bill E Irrigation Water Right Historical Use Acreage Bill 9
Bill F Require Rule-making for Changes to General Permits Bill 10
Resolution A Oppose Forest Service Water Permit Requirements Bill 6
Resolution B Use Severance Tax Water Infrastructure Bill 8


Bills Not Recommended to Legislative Council
 Bill Designation Short Title
Bill 2 Designated Ground Water District Enforcement
Bill 4 Promote Water Conservation
Bill 11 Authorize Gray Water Use