Legislative Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery

 Report to Legislative Council 


 Final Report



Committee Members

Representatives Senators
Mark Waller, Chair Betty Boyd
Joe Miklosi, Vice-chair Nancy Spence


 Public Committee Members

Marilyn Eddins Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives
Debbie Haskins Office of Legislative Legal Services
Todd Herreid Office of Legislative Council
Manish Jani Office of Legislative Information Services
Cindi Markwell Secretary of the Senate
Jonathan Trull Office of the State Auditor
John Ziegler Joint Budget Committee

 Staff Contacts:

 Raegan Robb
Erin Vanderberg

(303) 866-3521

To contact committee staff, please email:  EmergencyPreparedness@state.co.us

2012 Committee Schedule
Meeting Information


 May 8 Agenda Summary  8:00 a.m.  HCR 0112


Reports, Issue Briefs, and Memoranda
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Proposed Legislation
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Fiscal Notes