Legislative Council



2015 Committee Schedule
Meeting Information Time Location
February 20 Agenda Summary 8:30 a.m. Room 271
April 24 Agenda 12:00 p.m. Room 271
May 7 Agenda 12:30 p.m. HCR 0109
June 23 Agenda 9:00 a.m. SCR 352
September 2 Agenda Summary 9:00 a.m. Room 271
November 10 Agenda Summary 9:00 a.m. Room 271


2015 Requests Approved for Interim Study Committees
Tracking Number Sponsor Subject Final Request
2015-1 Senator Todd To Study Early Childhood Issues and School Readiness Request for Staffing for the Early Childhood and School Readiness Legislative Commission
2015-3 Representative Lee Services for the Blind Request for Interim Study Committee Regarding Vocational Rehabilitative Services for the Blind
2015-5 Representative Williams Profiling Initiated Contacts by Law Enforcement (PICLE) Request for Interim Study Committee Regarding Profiling by Peace Officers
2015-7 Representative Brown Off Highway Vehicle Task Force This request was approved by the Executive Committee on May 7
2015 Interim Committee Requests not Approved
2015-2  Representative Fields Teacher Recruitment, Licensure and Retention
2015-4 Representative Lee Treatment of Problem Gambling
2015-6 Representative Ginal 1332 Waiver of the Affordable Care Act Which Will Be Available in 2017


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