2015 School Safety and Youth in Crisis Committee


Report to Legislative Council*     Final Report

*No legislation was forwarded for approval so there is no report to Legislative Council.


Committee Members
Senators Representatives
Mark Scheffel, Chair Crisanta Duran, Vice-chair
Bill Cadman Dominick Moreno
Andy Kerr Yeulin Willett
Linda Newell Jim Wilson
Public Committee Members
David Crews Superintendent
Desiree Davis Special Advisor
Heidi Ganahl Parent - Over 5,000 Students in School District
Christine Rankin Harms School Safety/Violence Prevention
Sharyl Kay Lawson Licensed School Educator - Children with Disabilities
Gregory McDonald Licensed School Counselor
Kate O'Donnell Child or Adolesent Mental Health
Melissa Silvia Parent - 5,000 or Less Students in School District
Linda Weinerman Juvenile Justice Advocate
 Staff Contacts:
Kerry White
Lisa Gezelter
Rachel Kurtz-Phelan

(303) 866-3521

To contact committee staff, please email: 


2015 Committee Schedule
Meeting Information Time Location
July 14 Agenda Summary 9:00 a.m. HCR 0112
August 27 Agenda Summary 8:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Committee Room 271
September 9 Agenda Summary 9:00 a.m. Committee Room 271
September 22 Agenda Summary 9:00 a.m. Committee Room 271
October 27 Agenda Summary 10:00 a.m. Committee Room 271


Reports, Issue Briefs, and Memoranda
Date Title/Subject
June 3, 2015 SB 15-214 Creating the School Safety and Youth in Crisis Committee
June 3, 2015 SB 15-213 Waive Government Immunity For Acts of School Violence
July 13, 2015 Committee Charge Memo
July 13, 2015 School Safety and Mental Health Treatment Laws Memo


Proposed Legislation
Bill Designation Bill Topic Fiscal Note
No legislation was forwarded for approval.


Bills Not Recommended to Legislative Council
Bill Designation Bill Topic Fiscal Note
Bill 1 School Safety and School District Liability Bill 1
Bill 2 Awareness of the Safe2Tell Program Bill 2
Bill 3 Preserving School District Governmental Immunity Bill 3

Bill 4 - was withdrawn during the drafting process. There is no bill draft or fiscal note.

Bill 5 Crisis Training by School Districts Bill 5
Bill 6 School District Communication Policies Bill 6
Bill 7 Insurance Coverage School Districts Bill 7
Bill 8 School Safety and Governmental Immunity Bill 8