2015 Early Childhood and School Readiness Legislative Commission


    Report to Legislative Council       Final Report


Committee Members
Senators Representatives
Beth Martinez Humenik, Chair Brittany Pettersen, Vice Chair
Vicki Marble Jonathan Singer
Michael Merrifield James Wilson
 Staff Contacts:
Rachel Kurtz-Phelan
Lauren Schreier
Lisa Gezelter

(303) 866-3521


2015 Committee Schedule
Meeting Information Time Location
June 22 Agenda Summary 1:00 p.m. SCR 356
July 20 Agenda Summary 1:00 p.m. SCR 356
August 17 Agenda Summary 1:00 p.m.

SCR 356

August 31 Agenda Summary 1:00 p.m. SCR 356
September 28 Agenda Summary 10:30 a.m. SCR 356
October 26 Agenda Summary 1:00 p.m. SCR 356


Staff Memoranda
Date Title/Subject
  Committee Charge Memo


Reports, Issue Briefs, and Memoranda
Date Title/Subject
         Letter from the Early Childhood Leadership Commission
  Kindergarten Curriculum Information


Proposed Legislation
Bill Designation Bill Topic Former Bill Destination Fiscal Note
Bill A Starting the Child Tax Credit Bill 1 Bill 1
Bill B Child Care Assistance Cliff Effect Pilot Program Bill 4 Bill 4
Bill C Low-Income Parents Education Child Care Bill 5 Bill 5


Bills Not Recommended To Legislative Council
Bill Designation Bill Topic Fiscal Note
Bill 2 Colorado Preschool Program Expansion Bill 2
Bill 3 Student Growth Measures Evaluating P-2 Teachers Bill 3