Snow Plow Removal Plan

Central City Snow Removal Map
Download Central City's Full Revised Snow Removal Plan.


Snow Removal Plan:

Central City’s 2018-2019 Snow Removal Plan is designed to make efficient use of staff and conserve materials and equipment during winter storm events. Through proper management, our efforts will translate into cost savings for the public, and a healthier/safer city in which to live, work, and drive.

2018-2019 Program Goals:

The Goal of Central City is to provide fiscally responsible service during snow and ice events that support the safety and mobility of our transportation system by removing or displacing snow and ice from designated priority streets as safely and expeditiously as possible.

Statement of Objectives and Priorities:

Public Works primary goal is to have Priority #1 Streets, plowed and treated with a deicer by 7:00 am following a snow event. This goal is contingent upon the time the snow event starts, and the magnitude and duration of the snow event.

Our secondary goal is to have all remaining Priority #2 Streets plowed within one working day.

The following priorities outline the established level of snow removal to be expected for streets in that priority level.

  • Priority #1 Streets: All main arterials which must be kept open to provide a transportation system connecting the fire stations, Sheriff station, and other essential emergency services including bus routes and the Central City Parkway.
  • Priority #2 Streets: All other collectors completing the network covering moderate traffic volume streets and “hot spots” such as hills, intersections, and streets that drift shut under windy conditions.
  •  Non-priority streets are low-volume residential streets, which are only plowed if three (3) inches of snow accumulation is present upon completion of Priority #1 and #2 Streets.

Central City has approximately 30 miles of streets including the Central City Parkway. For snow removal, streets are divided into the above-described categories. Except for very unusual conditions or emergencies, streets or segments of streets are assigned to one of the prioritized categories. Under most conditions, Priority #1 and #2 Streets will be kept open and maintained. When that is not possible, Priority #2 Streets will be dropped and all resources will be focused on Priority #1 Streets. Of course, steep grades like those on found on County Road Street, St. James Street and Mack Road will be maintained throughout the course of the storm to insure safety. When plowed snow substantially restricts or blocks traffic, snow will be loaded and hauled to pre-determined storage sites. When possible, the majority of hauling will be done during off-peak traffic times at the end of a storm.

Parking on streets may be temporarily restricted if parked vehicles interfere with snow removal operations. Most of these streets are marked with signage that indicates parking is not allowed when snow is over two inches deep.

It is illegal for private persons to place, dump, or push snow into city streets or rights-of-way from adjacent properties: “Central City Municipal Code CHAPTER 11 Streets, Sidewalks and Public Property, Sec. 11-1-30, Deposit of snow and ice in public roadway.”