The City of Central is looking for an alternate interested in serving on the Main Street Commission, to be appointed by City Council.   This seat will fill the remainder of the 4 year term through December 2018. Requirements: to have a primary residence within the City, or own property within or be employed by a business in downtown Central City. Meeting dates have not been determined.


A person serving in a position as an alternate shall have the right to participate in all meetings of the Commission to the same extent as a regular member, except that a person serving in the position of alternate shall not be entitled to vote on any matter, unless such alternate member is temporarily assigned by the Chairperson of the Commission in the event of an absence or conflict of interest of a regular member during all or any portion of a meeting of the Commission.  When assigned to fill a regular position during a meeting, the alternate member shall assume all rights, duties and obligations of the regular member during the period of assignment.  Assignment shall terminate upon the earlier of the return of the regular member to the meeting or the adjournment of the meeting.


All interested candidates are to submit a letter of interest to the City Clerk, City Hall, 141 Nevada Street, P. O. Box 249, Central City, CO 80427 by Wednesday, March 9, 2016. For more information, contact Reba Bechtel, City Clerk @ 303-582-5251.