2019 - 2020 Winter and Snow Season Information

City Snow Removal Policy

Snow Removal on City Sidewalks with the Downtown Gaming Zones

Annual Snow Season Notice [Per Sec.11-6-40.c]


On February 5, 2019, the City Council unanimously approved Ordinance 19-01 on second reading, which is available on the City website or upon request, to provide a more robust sidewalk snow removal requirements to protect public safety and promote year-round walkability.  These requirements continue to place the responsibility and civil liability for clearing of the sidewalk on that of the property owner that abuts or adjoins the sidewalk.

The Ordinance requires the responsible party (property owner) to keep the public sidewalks and/or stairways connecting public streets to be kept clear of snow and ice, during snow event(s), but that the sidewalk shall be clear and safe no later than six-hours following a snow event.  This includes the full sidewalk, or a clear path of 4-feet wide if the sidewalk is greater than 5-feet in width along with abrasive material to protect pedestrian public safety movement during and following these snow events.

Failure to comply with these regulations, will follow one-notice of non-compliance per snow season, and fines and additional cost incurred by the City for clearing the sidewalk.  The first violation fine of the season is $100, second violation fine is $250 and the third and subsequent violations fines are $500.  Each day the violation remains is considered a separate offence. 

The fine and associated cost(s) associated with such a violation will be invoiced to the property owner.  If the owner fails to pay the amount due, that amount, plus addition cost(s) associated with enforcement will be certified to the County Treasurer for collection and will be due as part of next property tax bill issued by the County.

Ensuring safe conditions while promoting free flow movement of the public is of paramount importance to the City and we look forward to your cooperation in maintaining safe pedestrian movements around the community.  If you need further information, please contact me at 303.582.5251 x 524 or lflewelling@cityofcentral.co.