Historic Preservation Commission

Historic Preservation Commission Role

The Central City's Historic Preservation Commission is a six-member board appointed by the City Council for the purpose of maintaining or enhancing the historical, architectural and geographical heritage of the City. The Commission enforces the design criteria and issues Certificates of Appropriateness. The design guidelines can be found below and are titled Standards and Design Guidelines of Central City.

The commission shall not design or assist in the design of any project submitted. Creative approaches to preservation and innovation in methods are encouraged.

If the commission denies an application or approves with conditions the applicant feels are unacceptable, the applicant shall have the right to appeal to the City Council.

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Locally Designated “Victorian Landmarks”

1)      Teller House – 110 Eureka Street – January 6, 1993 – Reso. 1-93

2)      Williams Stables – 115 Eureka Street – March 4, 1992 – Reso. 11-92

3)      Opera House – 124 Eureka Street – February 3, 1993 - Reso. 2-93

4)      Coeur D’ Alene Mine – April 21, 1993 – Reso. 15-93

5)      The Gold Coin Saloon – 122 Main Street – February 19, 1992 - Reso. 6-92

6)      Clark School – 142 Lawrence Street – October 23, 1992 – Reso. 47-92

National Historic District Inventory

The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the treatment of Historic Properties


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