Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Code and Design Guidelines Update

​The future for Central City is promising as we move collectively toward our shared goals which includes Economic Diversification/ Stability, Community Stability, Positive Authentic Community Identity, Historical integrity while maintaining our sense of place, downtown core revitalization/economic development, a plan for both commercial and residential development along the Parkway, a feasible Capital Improvement Plan to establish modern infrastructure providing improved services for current and long-term plans while fostering positive partnerships with other public/private partnerships in a accountable and welcoming environment.

Comprehensive Plan Timeline:

June 29, 2016 – HPC, PC, Main Street and City Council kick off meeting.
July 13, 2016 - Submission of Central City Sticky Note Summary: 


           You can provide comments on the above draft plan on the link provied below:



HPC Design Guidelines Slideshow #1


Meeting Schedule


Economic Dev. Summit Polling Results:

Many of the questions were structured so participants had to identify their top two or three priorities.  The totals for questions that allowed multiple responses per question will exceed 100%.  For example, the total percentage for a question allowing “Top Two” responses would total 200%.  The percentage response for each option represents the percentage of participants that selected that option as one of their top two choices.

Comp. Plan Planning Commission - October


Consultant Contact Information:

Gabe Preston
RPI Consulting