Arkansas River DSS

The Arkansas River Decision Support System (ArkDSS) is the final major basin DSS to be completed in Colorado. The feasibility study for the DSS was completed in 2011 and work started in 2017. This basin offers many unique challenges in terms of data collection and modeling with its complex administration and Compact requirements.Map of location of Arkansas basin

The Task Memos below are from Task 2.1 - Water Commissioner Interviews. The objectives of these meetings were to 1) develop an initial basin understanding; 2) determine what diversion and reservoir structures should be included in future modeling efforts, and 3) determine which reservoirs and diversions warrant more detailed investigation and technical documentation.These objectives support Task 3 Consumptive Use Analysis and Task 4 Surface Water Modeling.


Water District 10  Water District 17
Water District 11 Water District 18
Water District 12 Water District 19
Water District 13 Water District 66
Water District 14 Water District 67
Water District 15 Water District 79
Water District 16  

Other documents and data from the ArkDSS project will be listed as they become available.