Groundwater (MODFLOW)

Data sets related to groundwater modeling (MODFLOW) have been developed for the San Luis Valley as part of the Rio Grande Decision Support System and for the South Platte alluvial aquifer system as part of the South Platte Decision Support System. These datasets can be used as a baseline dataset or as a starting point for the development of other datasets.

Major Features:
  • Data sets provide an overall modeling framework for MODFLOW in the San Luis Valley and South Platte alluvial aquifer.
  • Includes reports documenting the development and calibration of the San Luis Valley and South Platte alluvial aquifer groundwater model and data sets
Common Uses:
  • Input baseline model data as a starting point for a groundwater model in the San Luis Valley and South Platte alluvial aquifer.
  • Determining well depletions in the Denver Basin Aquifers (AUG3)

Modeling Data: The latest modeling datasets are available via the links below. For archived datasets or other information, search our Laserfiche system using the Decision Support System template.

  • The latest information for the Rio Grande Basin can be viewed on our RGDSS modeling page, along with download links for the model.
  • Due to its size, the South Platte Decision Support System model dataset can be requested from Brian Macpherson.   
    • There are 2 versions of the model dataset. One has model input files and the batch file required to run the model warmup period and then the 1950-2012 model. The other has all input datasets, the StateDGI Toolbox, model input files, batch file required to run the model warmup period and then the 1950-2012 model, and scenarios created by the contractor. The scenarios are described in the model documentation below.

SPDSS Documentation and Tech Memos:

The following documentation and technical memos were developed for the SPDSS Groundwater Model.

Original 2013 Model

​Updated 2016 Model

2016 Model Scenarios

Modeling Report (April 2013)

Model Update Executive Summary (June 2017)

Comparison of SPDSS Alluvial Groundwater Model Results with Glover-Based Analyses (October 2017)

Appendices A-M
A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M

Model Update Full Report (June 2017)

Simulation of Potential Impacts of Lined Gravel Pits (October 2017)


Task 1: Extension of Historical Time Series Data Report (December 2015)




AUG3 is a collection of Microsoft Windows based computer applications that calculate stream depletions from well pumping in the Denver Basin Aquifers. AUG3 originated as the Denver Basin Groundwater Model and is used to determine depletions for Denver Basin aquifer wells in the not-nontributary groundwater areas.

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