Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Colorado: State & National Resources

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Work is underway on the Arkansas River Decision Support System (ArkDSS). There are five tasks under active development at this time:

1.Spatial System Integration (GIS)

2.Data Development for Consumptive Use and Surface Water Modeling

3.Consumptive Use Analysis and Modeling

4.Surface Water Analysis and Modeling

5.Administration and Accounting Tools

Task Memos and other data can be found on the ArkDSS page.

Software enhancements made during ArkDSS (primarily to StateMod, TSTool, and StateCU) are being developed under the OpenCDSS model. Under OpenCDSS, software source code will be publicly available in GitHUB - an open source, collaborative environment.

Check back for updates to ArkDSS, OpenCDSS, and other CDSS topics.