Youth and Young Adult Suicide Prevention

If you need immediate help, please call 1-844-493-8255 to reach Colorado Crisis Services, and you’ll be connected to a skilled, trained counselor 24/7/365.
Suicide is a leading cause of death for Colorado’s youth and young adults. The encouraging news is that there are many effective suicide prevention programs that can bring hope, connectedness, and recovery to young people struggling with thoughts of suicide. Suicide is always a complex issue, and suicide is never the result of one cause. The complexity of suicide holds true for youth, as well as for adults, where suicide risk is a culmination of various factors, and never the result of just one cause.
Youth Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Materials
Youth and Young Adult Suicide Prevention
School-Based Programs and Resources for Youth and Young Adults
Comprehensive suicide prevention includes working across all organizations and systems to support those who are in suicidal despair, which includes (but should not exclusively be the responsibility of) schools.
An overview of CDPHE's recommendations to educators and school administrators from its State Innovation Model (SIM) Population Health Workgroup. 
Adults working with School-Aged Youth
Beyond the School System
Colorado Crisis Services and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
The Office of Suicide Prevention works to prevent suicide for Colorado’s youth and young adults through upstream prevention, prevention, intervention, and postvention. Learn more about the youth suicide prevention work  being done in Colorado through a federal Garrett Lee Smith (GLS) Youth Suicide Prevention Grant, and contact us with questions.