X-ray certification unit

X-Ray machine facilities
Register facilities using x-ray machines, renew annual registration, add x-ray machines or locations, disable or transferring x-ray machines, update registration information or transfer ownership of a business that uses x-ray machines, request a radiation monitoring dosimetry badge waiver, request to be authorized for healing arts screening, find a registered qualified inspector, qualified expert, or service company
X-ray machine operators and technologists
Information for people operating or wanting to operate X-ray machines in Colorado
Frequently asked questions
Answers to frequent questions for operators and technologists of x-ray machines, facilities using x-ray machines, and x-ray machine service providers, inspectors and experts.
For online payment for renewal of registration for an x-ray facility, service company registration, qualified expert registration, qualified inspector registration and other registrations that specifically list the link for the payment portal.
Facility registration, x-ray machine registration, dispose of, disable or transfer of x-ray machines
Instructions for ordering certification labels for use by qualified and approved inspectors.
Minimum requirements and standards, radiation dose limits for pregnant women, Radiation Protection Program guide, interpretive guidance, educational resources for operators, FDA laws, guidance on wearing radiation dosimeter badges
X-ray machine facility forms, limited scope, bone densitometry and computer tomography operator registration, mammography provisional certificate, qualified inspectors and experts registration, service company registration
Registration information for X-Ray machine operators (LSO, CT, DXA), Qualified Experts, Qualified Inspectors and x-ray machine service companies.
Regulations for X-ray facilities and other registrants, information about proposed or recent regulation changes, and Colorado’s radiation law (statute)
Densitometry, limited scope, tomography X-ray mammography operators
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulatory guide instruction concerning risks
Radiation-producing machines reciprocity application form and instructions
Enforcement response policy, penalty policy, list of violations dating to 2007