WWFOCB assistance for operators

Operator Certification Program Office (OCPO)
  • Please go to OCPOweb for information about:
    • Certification examinations.
      • ​Dates, times and locations of upcoming examinations.
      • Instructions and application forms.
      • Experience and education requirements.
      • Study materials.
    • ​Certification renewal and training units.
      • ​Certification renewal application.
      • Training units summary form.
      • Searchable database of courses approved for training units.
    • ​Certification by reciprocity.
      • ​Application for certification based on reciprocity.
    • ​Fees.
Water Quality Control Division facility operator certification
  • Please go to the division's Facility Operator Certification Program for information about:
    • ​Operator in Responsible Charge reporting.
    • Operator misconduct complaints.
    • Drinking water systems and wastewater facility classifications.
Water and Wastewater Facility Operators Certification Board
  • Please review the board's policies for information about:
    • ​Operator certifications (including certification by reciprocity).
    • Certification renewals/training units.
    • Operator responsibilities.
    • Administrative procedures.