Current TMDLs (Draft)

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The federal Clean Water Act grants us authority to create total maximum daily loads. TMDLs need to consider both point source and nonpoint source pollution.
Creating a TMDL in five steps:
  • Select the pollutant to consider.
  • Estimate the water body assimilative capacity.
  • Identify the contribution of that pollutant from all significant sources.
  • Analyze information to determine the total allowable pollutant load.
  • Allocate (with a margin of safety) the allowable pollution among the sources so water quality standards can be achieved.
Implementation of the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) is the final step and requires participation from all the stakeholders.
Current TMDLs
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Gunnison and Lower Dolores TMDLsArkansas River Basin TMDLs

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South Platte River Basin


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