Regulation #93 Dashboard

Colorado Regulation #93 is comprised of Colorado’s Section 303(d) List of Impaired Waters and Monitoring and Evaluation List. The 2018 Regulation #93 can be accessed at the Secretary of State’s office by clicking here.
For the 2020 Regulation #93 rulemaking hearing process, a searchable dataset is provided below to facilitate finding listing information included in the draft proposal during the rulemaking hearing process. This data represents the division’s proposal at the time of the prehearing statement submission. This is not the official copy of the division’s 2020 Regulation #93 proposal. The official version is available from the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission’s website.
When the 2020 Regulation #93 is finalized and adopted by the commission, this searchable dataset will be updated. However, the official version will be available from the commission website.