Reclaimed water stakeholders

The Water Quality Control Commission is conducting a rulemaking process to approve the uses of food crop and hemp irrigation. Information about the rulemaking process, documents and commission materials can be found at the Commission rulemaking proceedings webpage. 
Division Meeting materials for Food Crops and Hemp Stakeholder process
Meeting agendas, presentations, handouts and other materials from meetings in this stakeholder process.
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Aurora Water’s Stakeholder Process
Aurora Water is conducting a public stakeholder process regarding the use of reclaimed water for oil and gas exploration and production to propose to the commission for a rulemaking hearing scheduled for August 20, 2020. Aurora Water is proposing that oil and gas exploration and production be an approved use under Reclaimed Water Control Regulation 84.

The Water Quality Control Division will be a party to this rulemaking and will participate in all meetings during the stakeholder process. The division’s role is to ensure that the provisions that are proposed to Regulation 84 protect public health and the environment, and advise on how to properly use reclaimed water for oil and gas exploration and production.

First stakeholder meeting
August 15, 2019 (10 a.m. to 12 p.m.)
Beck Recreation Center - Pinion Room
800 Telluride Street
Aurora, Colorado 80011
Directions to the Beck Center

Participant Dialing Instructions
  1. Dial Access Number: Local 720-279-0026 or 1-877-820-7831
  2. Enter Participant Passcode: 159949#
For updates regarding meeting dates and times, the stakeholder process, meeting information, meeting documents and other pertinent details please visit Aurora Water’s website

You may contact Aurora Water at or representatives from the division and Aurora Water below for additional information and questions.
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Aurora Water
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