WQ-PER forms

NEW CEOS System Permits Special Note:
To supplement any application that has been submitted with additional pertinent information.
Annual report forms
Bio solids, reclaimed water(reuse), stormwater industrial permits, pesticides, and sewage systems discharging to groundwater.
To change all permit contact types, including legal contact, facility contact, certified operators, billing contact, etc.
To submit effluent data for all permit applications requiring data submittal.
​To request a modification of a permit or certification. To report significant change in discharges requiring a modification of the permit or certification.

Request for chemical evaluation

To submit all reports for mixing zone studies, compliance schedules, sediment control plans, special studies, etc.
Wastewater or collection facility operator in responsible charge initial report.
Termination application
Terminate all permit types not managed in Colorado Environmental Online Services (CEOS) system.
If you are terminating a construction stormwater (COR400000) or construction dewatering (COG070000, COG315000 or COG316000) permit then you must do so through CEOS
        Supplemental form required when terminating a discharge permit using the discharge as reclaimed water.
​Transfer the entire permit to a second party.
Withdrawal application   To terminate a permit use the Termination Application.
To withdraw a previously submitted application for new/renewal, modifications, or termination application. 
Use the EPA form (scroll down to the link mid-page and download the form) to complete your discharge monitoring report without a preprinted form.
  • Metal mining storm water only.
  • Sand and gravel storm water only.
  • All permits where a preprinted form isn't available.