WQ eligibility survey and intended use plans

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State Revolving Fund annual eligibility survey
The annual eligibility survey process has been moved online to the new, Colorado Environmental Online Services (CEOS) system. Colorado’s State Revolving Fund drinking water and wastewater programs provide affordable financial assistance for water and sewer infrastructure construction projects throughout the State of Colorado. Eligibility to secure this funding begins with the annual eligibility survey.
  • Timeframe: June 1, 2018 through July 15, 2018.
  • Purpose: to identify the 20-year capital improvement needs of all publicly owned water and sewer systems, private nonprofit water systems, publicly owned stormwater systems, and non-point source projects throughout Colorado.
  • The survey is not an application, and completing it does not require that you apply for financial assistance.
  • Application for State Revolving Fund grants and loans begins at this necessary first step.
  • When complete, your system’s needs will be identified and included in Appendix A of the below DWRF or WPCRF Intended Use Plans.
Required Steps
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  1. Create your CEOS user account following these instructions:
    CEOS user account setup instructions.
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  2. Responsible Officials (RO) will associate consultants and preparers:
    Managing consultants and preparers.
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  3. Complete the eligibility survey and submit by the deadline:
    Eligibility survey instructions. 
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    Login Colorado Environmental Online Services.
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