Vaccines for Children

The Vaccines for Children program uses federal purchasing power to provide low- or no-cost vaccine for children who might not otherwise be vaccinated because of inability to pay. This program has a network of over 600 participating sites throughout Colorado and includes health care provider offices, community health clinics, and local public health agencies. 

Interested in becoming a VFC provider?

Required training
The program requires the VFC Vaccine Coordinator, Backup Vaccine Coordinator and Provider of Record at each VFC provider office to complete two training modules each year. These trainings are highly recommended for any staff working with VFC program. Additional training can be found from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's You Call the Shots website.
The Certificates of Completion for the Vaccine Coordinators and Provider of Record must be submitted to the VFC Program 
Vaccine return forms
New vaccine return labels will now be emailed instead of mailed. Please use the updated forms and review the new guidance below.
A list of VFC memos and an archive of past memos. If you're unable to access the VFC job aids or policy guidance, please contact us.
VFC policy guidance
2018 policy guidance will be available soon. Please contact the VFC program with any specific questions.
Storage and Handling
You may need to save the temperature log files to your computer to get the grid lines to print correctly.
Temperature monitoring logs
Temperature excursion guidance
Required actions when vaccine storage temperatures are too warm or too cold.

Data logger guidance

  • Adjust LogTag settings.
  • ​​LogTag tip sheet
  • Change logger battery.
  • Data logger calibration
    •, Ltd.
      • The re-calibration price for VFC providers is $20 for a single point calibration (refrigerator or freezer) or $32 for a dual point calibration (refrigerator and freezer). Price includes battery replacement. Please visit the MicroDAQ website or contact them at 1-877-275-9606 for more information.
      • These prices are discounted from MicroDAQ's normal rates, so please be sure to identify your clinic as part of the Colorado VFC program when you call. If completing online, please write Colorado VFC in the "comments".
      • There are additional costs associated with shipping the logger(s) to and from MicroDAQ. These costs are minimal and vary by the shipping method you select.
    • Control Solutions, Inc.
      • The re-calibration price for Colorado VFC providers is $35 for a dual point calibration (refrigerator and freezer). Price includes battery replacement. Please visit the Control Solutions website or contact them at 1-503-413-5996 for more information.
      • Please complete the Control Solutions Calibration Form and fax to 503-543-5419.
Inventory Management
Order supplies from the VFC program.