Trauma facilities level IV and V data spreadsheet and instructions

Instructions for Level IV and V trauma facilities to upload data submission spreadsheets
  1. Go to the CEMSIS portal
    • The process has changed and you will have to log in. You can no longer click “Submit trauma registry spreadsheets” on the main page.
  2. Contact Samantha Meza at or 303-692-6220.
    • If you don't have a CEMSIS user ID, you will be issued one.
      • If you have problems logging in, make sure that the password is entered in all lower case and that your Caps Lock key is turned off. After logging in, you will be prompted to change your password.
    • If you have a CEMSIS user ID already, your permissions will need to be changed so you can upload your data file.
  3. Once you’ve logged in, click the "Colorado Trauma Registry" link to view or upload your data. The first time you click this link, you will be presented with a privacy statement. Read through the information, then click the checkbox at the bottom of the page and click "Continue". This will take you to the main menu.
  4. Click “Submit trauma registry spreadsheets” and upload your file.