Training opportunities and resources for water systems

Funding opportunities for training projects concerning Colorado drinking water regulations and other projects.
This 4-hour course is offered at a location near you, awards training units and covers:
  1. Strategies and tools to comply with drinking water regulations (cross connection control rule, storage tank rule, lead and copper rule).
  2. Tips to prepare for your next sanitary survey.
  3. Regulatory updates (operator certification changes, new security requirements).
This 2-hour hands-on course is offered at a location near you, awards training units and covers:
  1. Navigation through the new CCWP Portal.
  2. Requesting catalog training units and uploading course completion certificates.
  3. Claiming training units when instructor uploads a roster directly into the CCWP Portal.
  4. Tracking your training units.
  5. Completing profile information including contact information, lawful presence, education and work experience.
  6. Applying for certification by examination.
  7. Applying for renewal.

Bring your laptop, documents to upload, and questions.

A team of water quality coaches and trainers are available to assist you at your facility and on your schedule. Training units are available. 

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