Tobacco Board of Health rules review and public comment

Thank you for your interest in the 2015 Tobacco Board of Health rule review. We value your participation and feedback in this process.
We are soliciting stakeholder feedback on the proposed changes via a public comment period. The purpose of this comment period is to receive feedback on the rules governing how the program provides funding for community-based and statewide tobacco education, prevention and cessation program grants.

Deadline for comment is January 29, 2016
How to participate in public comment
  1. Review Tobacco Board of Health rules - Download and read the proposed changes.
  2. Public comment form - Complete this online form to submit your comments.
    • You may comment on the specific sections or give feedback on the entire plan. To provide feedback on the updates, please add your comments to the boxes which correspond to and are located below the section you wish to address. You are required to enter your contact information to comment on the form. 
View public comments
To ensure open and transparent communication, comments will be posted every two weeks. Responses to comments will be posted after public comment period concludes.
  • Comments will be posted on 1/6, 1/20 and 2/3.
  • In the interest of transparency, names will be attached to all comments.
Development                        August - December 2015
Public comment                    Dec. 21, 2015 - Jan. 29, 2016
Finalization of the Rules        February – April 2016
Rulemaking                           May – July 2016
About the rule review process
The Tobacco Education, Prevention, and Cessation Grant Program was created in Section 24-22-117, C.R.S. to fund community-based and statewide tobacco education programs designed to reduce initiation of tobacco use by children and youth, promote cessation of tobacco use among youth and adults, and reduce exposure to secondhand smoke. The Prevention Services Division, State Tobacco Education and Prevention Program (STEPP) is responsible for administering the grant program. The statute directs the state board to award grants and adopt rules that specify the conditions of such awards. The current Tobacco Board of Health rules can be found at: 6 CCR 1015-5.
Pursuant to Executive Order D 2012-002 (EO2) and Section 24-4-103.3, C.R.S., the Department of Public Health and Environment is required to review its regulations (also known as rules) to ensure they are efficient, effective and essential. During this review, the department shall consider whether each regulation is duplicative, written in plain language, adequately protects the health and welfare of Colorado and its residents, has the appropriate level of regulation, can be amended to reduce any regulatory burdens while maintaining its benefits and is implemented in efficient and effective manner.
The Board of Health rules pertaining to the Tobacco program were reviewed in August 2015. As part of the programmatic rule review, STEPP took into account grant and award funding process feedback received after the release of the 2015-2018 Request for Applications (RFA). As part of our commitment to partnership and collaboration, the proposed rule changes incorporate information and feedback received thus far.