Tier II hazardous chemical inventory reporting

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New for reporting year 2017: As part of our effort to comply with federal electronic reporting rules, we have developed a new platform called the Colorado Environmental Online Services (CEOS) to handle a variety of environmental reporting requirements for the department. This year, Tier II report submissions must occur through CEOS. This will take place in three steps:
1. Create a CEOS account. All companies will be required to create a new account in CEOS.
2.  Report creation & submittal. As in previous years, Colorado will require the use of the EPA’s free Tier2Submit software to create a report as a .t2s file type. Once the report has been created and registration in CEOS has been completed, companies MUST submit the final Tier II report through CEOS. E-mail submissions will NOT be accepted. The deadline for report submission is 5:00 p.m. (MST) March 1, 2018. 
Tier2Submit tutorial from the EPA demonstrates how to build a T2S report in the software.
3. Payment of Tier II fee. Once your report has been successfully uploaded into CEOS, your bill will be calculated and payment details will be presented. It is important that you print out and include the CONFIRMATION OF SUBMITTAL form and write the Submittal ID number on the check or money order to ensure that your payment is applied correctly. Make checks or money orders payable to Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and send to:
Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment
DEHS - A2, Tier II/SARA Title III 
Attn: Kendra Appelman-Eastvedt
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South, A2
Denver, CO  80246  
Information for reporting facilities
We require that Tier II reports be filed using EPA’s free Tier2Submit software. Tier2Submit will generate an electronic file that must be uploaded in our electronic reporting system, Colorado Environmental Online Services (CEOS). You cannot submit the file directly from Tier2Submit, nor can you email the file directly to us. For reporting year 2017, you must use CEOS to submit your T2S file. The Tier2Submit software is revised each year. You must install the appropriate version each year.

Single-Point Submission
We have instituted a single-point submission process for Tier II reporting. Facility owners/operators are required to submit their Tier II report(s) to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Facilities are not required to provide the same report to the local emergency planning committee (LEPC) or the local fire department unless those agencies maintain local reporting requirements. Please check with your LEPC and fire department to determine if they require direct Tier II reporting to their agency.