This is MCH

This is MCH
The Colorado Maternal and Child Health (MCH) programs works to impact the health of Coloradans by using a population health approach. Want to learn more about what this means? The "This is MCH" video provides a more in-depth explanation of this work including examples of programs that focus on children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN), early childhood obesity prevention and pregnancy-related depression.

Nine Ways to Grow Healthy Colorado Kids
Colorado health advocates are speaking with one voice to engage and empower families and caregivers in ways to promote healthy weight in early childhood. The 9 Ways to Grow Healthy Colorado Kids is a campaign to increase public awareness of evidence­-informed risk and protective factors of childhood obesity. Together, we can make a greater impact.

Pregnancy Related Depression
Pregnancy and new motherhood is supposed to be the happiest time of life, right? Not for many women. Depression and anxiety are the most common complications of pregnancy, impacting nearly 1 in 7 women. Learn more about what Colorado is doing to address it.