TENORM regulation development

Technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive materials (TENORM) are produced when activities such as uranium mining or sewage sludge treatment concentrate radioactive materials that occur naturally in ores, soils, water or other natural materials.
In 2018, the Colorado State legislature passed a bill (SB 245) that gave CDPHE the authority to promulgate rules for the safe management of Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM). The bill requires the Department to:
  • Review TENORM residual management and regulatory limits from other states.
  • Prepare a report that considers background radiation levels in the state, waste stream identification and quantification, use and disposal practices, current engineering practices, appropriate test methods, economic impacts and data gaps.
The department hired Rule Engineering to research and prepare the report required by SB 245.
Public comments to the draft TENORM report. (This is a PDF portfolio; please download to view)
Information from past stakeholder meetings
Highlights from 7/11/18
Kickoff meeting.
Highlights from 9/20/18
Setting an exempt level.
Highlights from 9/25/2018
Setting regulatory limits for landfill disposal.
Highlights from 6/26/2019
Overall philosophy clarifications, questions to Rule about Report, schedule for TENORM stakeholder meetings.
Highlights from 7/16/2019
Forum on drinking water treatment industry.
Highlights from 8/5/2019
Forum on wastewater treatment and beneficial reuse.
Highlights from 8/29/2019
Forum on oil and gas residuals.
Highlights from 9/17/2019
Setting an exempt level.
Highlights from 10/8/2019
Setting regulatory limits for landfill disposal.
Highlights from 10/24/2019
Setting regulatory limits for beneficial reuse other than land application of biosolids.
Highlights from 11/6/2019
Setting regulatory limits for radioactive materials licensing.
Highlights from 11/20/2019
What we learned from the stakeholder process and outline of TENORM Regulatory topics.



Overall philosophy clarificatio