Solid waste online payment instructions

How to pay online
1. Prepare your payment.
  • Print a copy of the completed user fee form for your records.
  • Note the Invoice Number located on the form, just above the amount due.
  • Enter your Customer Name (Facility Name) and Reference ID (Facility ID) as provided to your facility by mail. To request this again, please call the solid waste data manager at 303-692-6349 or email
  • Note the Amount Due to the State for the Quarter located in the middle on the right side of the form.
2. Go to the payment portal.
  • Verify you have what you will need and click the link to [Make a payment].
  • Select Service Type as “Pay 1st Invoice” and click [Continue].
  • Enter your Customer Name (Facility Name) and Reference ID (Facility ID).
  • Enter your Invoice Number and Price (Amount Due to the State for the Quarter) from the user fee form.
  • Click [Continue].
  • Review: If no corrections are needed click [Continue].
3. Review and pay.
  • The cost shown is the amount owed to the state plus a percentage-based credit card service fee. On the next screen you may opt to make your payment by electronic check, which charges a flat $1.00 service fee.
    • Click [Manually Enter a Credit Card] or [Electronic Check].​
      • Credit card option: Enter your credit card information.
      • Check option: Enter your account and billing information. Your bank routing number and account number are located along the bottom of your checks as shown on the payport web page. ​
  • Verify the information is correct and click [Agree/Continue].
  • You will be provided with an online Customer Receipt for your records. If you provided your email address during the payment process, a copy of the receipt will also be emailed to you. Retain a copy of the receipt for your records.​
Online payment fees and requirements
  • Electronic Check:  Flat $1.00 service fee
    • Example:  [Amount Due to the State for the Quarter] $1,000.00
      • Total Price:  $1,001.00.
        • Be sure your bank accepts electronic check payments from Originator ID 1522077581 before using this option or your payment will not be processed. ​
  • Credit Card:  Percentage-based service fee
    • Example:  [Amount Due to the State for the Quarter] $1,000.00
      • Total Price:  $ 1,023.27.
    • Be sure the person making the payment is an authorized user of the account or your payment will not be processed.
  • What is the cost if my facility pays using the [Manually Enter a Credit Card] option?
    • The cost for paying by credit card is a flat fee of $0.75 plus a percentage
      of your total (Amount Due to the State for the Quarter).​
  • What is the cost if my facility pays using the [Electronic Check] option?​
    • The cost for paying by electronic check is $1.00 plus your total (Amount ​Due to the State for the Quarter).​​
  • What if I did not receive a copy of the e-mail with the completed form attached?
    • If you do not receive the email in your inbox, check your spam folder. Work with your e-mail provider to indicate the sender is not spam.
  • What is my Reference ID?
    • The Reference ID or Facility ID is a unique ID that we use to help ensure that your payments are properly allocated to your facility and manage our records. Contact the Solid Waste Data Manager at 303-692-6349 or to obtain your Reference ID/Facility ID.